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Mojacar is Spain's best kept secret

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There are 2 Mojacars, Mojacar Pueblo & Mojacar Playa

Two kilometers from the old town of Mojacar Pueblo, at the foot of a hill, you'll find Mojacar Playa. This has been a popular tourist resort for over 40 years but escaped the hands of those seventies architects who discovered concrete and then when collectively mad. Mojacar caters for tourism but it has found a very nice balance between modern tourism and traditional Spanish needs.

The buildings on Mojacar Playa are all low-rise with architectural styles that reflect the Moorish past of the region.

Mojacar beaches

Along Mojácar's 17 kilometers of beaches you will find quite virgin beaches and more touristy beaches with plenty of beach facilities. Mojacar's beaches stretch from Marina Golf Course to the river that flows into the sea at Playa del barranco de Sopalmo. This is the location of the Playa Macenas Golf which is presently closed

There are plenty of beaches to choose from, from the busy Playa de la Cueva del Lobo and Playa del Cantal beaches to the more sedate Playa Piedra Villazar beach. Along the beach front you will find a good variety of beach bars, trinket shops, shopping outlets and supermarkets, as well as sporting activities such as horse riding, sailing, windsurfing, fishing. jet ski-in, canoeing, water ski-in and scuba.

Eating out

Mojacar Playa comes to life when the sun goes down. There are dozens of restaurants serving dishes from around the world. Local Spanish dishes and tapes an amazing choice of Spanish, British, French, Chinese, Cantonese, Argentinean, Mexican, Irish or a good Thai or Indian curry. You'll find plenty of bars along the sea front and many stay open to the early hours with music bars and discos during the summer.


The Mojacar region is a popular destination for new and experienced golfers, with it's cheaper prices and ideal golf climate. Valle del Este, Marina Golf, Desert Springs, Aguilon Golf and Playa Macenas are all located close to Mojacar.

South of Mojacar and close to the tourist resorts of Roquetas de Mar and Almeria City, you will find La Envia Golf, Playa Serena Golf, Alboran Golf and Golf Almerimar.

Commercial Centre

Every modern convenience can be found along the Playa which includes a modern shopping center (Commercial Centre) located on the sea front at the bottom of the road leading to Mojacar Pueblo. Here you will find a medical center, designer shops, supermarket, banks, restaurants, bars, property shops, solicitors and the local English speaking radio stations; Spectrum FM. Directly opposite this shopping area you will find the Tourist Information Centre.

Winter in Mojacar

In winter Mojacar benefits from an ideal winter climate and from the many people who have invested in holiday homes. This large European ex-pat community keeps the area livelier than many other Spanish resort in Winter.

Mojacar Playa


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