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Map showing golf courses in Almeria Spain

The Costa Almeria is nicely split into two golfing regions

Almeria City golf region

Close to Almeria City, Almeria International airport and the tourist resort of Aguadulce, you will find 4 golf courses, La Envia, Playa Serena Golf, Alboran Golf and Almerimar

Mojacar golf region

North of Almeria City, close to the tourist resort of Mojacar, you will find 4 golf courses; Agulion Golf, Marina de la Torre (Marina Golf), Desert Springs and Valle del Este Resort.

The El Cortijo Grande is a 9 hole course located near Turre which is presently closed. Playa Macenas is located close to Mojacar Playa and also closed.

Almeria Golf Courses
ID Course name ID Course name ID Course name ID Course name
AAguilon Golf BDesert Springs CValle del Este DMarina de la Torre
EEl Cortijo Grande FPlaya Macenas
HAlboran ILa Envia JPlaya Serena KGolf Almerimar
Golf in Almeria, Murcia & Alicante Spain