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Andalucia Province, Spain

Borders the famous provinces of Granada and Malaga

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Andalusia province

Almeria is one of eight provinces of Andalusia

Almeria is the most easterly of Andalusia's eight provinces. It is located on the south-eastern coast and borders the famous provinces of Granada and Malaga. It is the least know province and but at the same time one of the most beautiful spots on the Mediterranean coast. The name "Almeria" stems from Al-Mariyat: "The Mirror of the Sea", in Arabic.

New roads and budget airlines

Having been overlooked as a tourist holiday destination for a long time due to its remoteness and sparse road system, it is now experiencing a boom and is the fastest growing region in Spain following the construction of a network of new safe roads, and the emergence of budget airlines. Learning from the mistakes made during the sixties and seventies by neighbouring Costa's, Almeria has controlled development to achieve a very nice balance between modern tourism and traditional Spanish needs.

Holiday visitors to Almeria will find one of the finest Cabo de Gata coastlines in Spain. The landscape is one of cliffs, coves and rocky outcrops, beaches that are wonderfully clean with crystal clear waters, humble fishing villages and thriving tourist resorts that are full of Spanish tradition and history. Inland, there's a desert-like landscape of wind-blown sandstone and dry riverbeds that has provided a dramatic backdrop for dozens of so-called 'spaghetti westerns' and the Peter O'Toole classic Lawrence of Arabia.

The weather

Almeria is an ideal for family and golf holidays with its perfect all year climate. The Costa de Almeria is sub-tropical Mediterranean with moderate summers, warm winters and clear luminous skies throughout most of the year. Protected by the Sierra de Gador mountain range the area is one of Europe's most productive agricultural zones, renowned for growing fruit, flowers and garden veg. Almeria City boasts of having the most sunlight hours in Europe, some 3,200 in the years, with a mean annual temperature of 18/19 deg C. and winter sea water temperatures that are higher than the outside air, making it inviting for winter swimmers.

Mojacar Playa and Mojacar Pueblo

There are two Mojacars, Mojacar Pueblo and Mojacar Playa. Mojacar Playa is located Mojacar Playa 2 kilometers from the old town of Mojacar at the foot of the hill. Mojacar Playa is Almeria's main tourist holiday resort with plenty of unsoiled beaches that include 3 European Blue Flags beaches awarded for cleanliness along it's 17 kilometers sea front.

Mojacar Pueblo is undoubtedly the most romantic and picturesque town in south-eastern Spain. The white-washed houses and cobbled streets are sprinkled atop a hill overlooking pristine sandy beaches, washed by the warm Mediterranean. This unspoilt ancient Moorish fortress town has been a favourite with artists and writers for many years, and now attracts holiday-makers who fill up the hotels and villas which have proliferated along the nearby Mojacar and Vera Playas.

Almeria City region

To the west of Almeria City are the smart tourist resorts of Roquetas de Mar and Aguadulice, both with splendid beaches which are solid Spanish holiday resorts that are being discovered by UK holiday makers and property buyers. Further west is Almerimar, a purpose built tourist holiday resort that has been developing over the last 25 years with the action revolving around the stylish marina and excellent golf course. Compared to the resorts further north like Mojacar and Vera this area seems quite built up but nothing on the scale of Benidorn and the Costa del Sol.

Golf courses

A number of new golf courses have opened in this region of Spain which are now attracting new Golf courses Golfer to the area with lower prices than the more established golf destinations of Portugal and the Costa del Sol. The region is nicely split into three golf areas.

Near Almeria City you will find La Envia Golf, Playa Serena Golf, Alboran Golf and Golf Almerimar. Near the tourist resort of Mojacar you will find Marina Golf, Aguilan Golf, Playa Macenas, Desert Springs, El Cortijo Grande Golf and Valle del Este Golf Resort and beautiful tourist resort of San Juan de los Terreros you will find the new Lorca Golf Resort